Silver Stars
Instructions for obtaining the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Some of the Silver Stars files are stored on our web site in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. This is a convenient format that displays the original document as it was intended to be displayed without the variations caused by varying user computer set-ups. The "Reader" is also free to users and thus provides the ability to display documents without requiring the expensive Microsoft Word product (good for those without WORD). 

The following images and words help clarify how to obtain the FREE adobe Acrobat Reader. The images on this page are for reference and learning only. The links shown in the images are not active. The real links are on the actual web pages from which these images were  copied. For further assistance, please contact Jon Martin at 770-736-0810 or

Step 1: On the "For Club Members Only" web page, there is an Adobe button labeled "Get Acrobat Reader." Click on this button.   

step 1

Step 2: The Adobe Web Page will appear for downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Look at step one as shown below and click on the pull down menu that says "Choose a platform."

step 2

Step 3:  Scroll though the list of platforms and select the one applicable to your computer.

step 3

Step 4:  Next, skip step 2 unless you are interested in more interaction with Adobe. Click on "DOWNLOAD" in step 3.

step 4

Step 5:  Click on "SAVE"

step 5

Step 6:  Select a location on your computer hard drive for saving the Adobe installation file. Select a location you can find after downloading the file. Use the pulldown tab in the "Save in" box to select a directory (folder). Where you save the file is not as important as your ability to find the file after the download. Once you have selected a location for saving the file, click "Save."

step 6

Step 7:  The following image should appear (or one similar). This is just an indicator of how the transfer is going. There is nothing for you to do at this step other than monitor the download. This may take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection. Monitor for the completion of this step.

step 7

Step 8:  It is now time to find the saved file. One way is to open "My Computer" and then find and open the directory (folder) where you saved the file. Windows explorer is another means of doing the same thing. The result should look something like the following image where the saved file name is "ar505enu.exe."
Double click on the file name "ar505enu.exe" (actual file name may differ due to platform or vintage variations) to execute the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Follow the on-screen instructions as with any other installation program. It should proceed smoothly to installation complete.

step 8

Step 8:  Go back to the Silver Stars Web site and try once again to access the Club Bylaws as a means of testing you new Acrobat Reader. The first time you use the Acrobat Reader, you may be prompted to accept the license agreement, Just click to accept the agreement and you will be on your way.